A turning of the page…2020 to 2021

By Sharon A. Vallone, DC, FICCP

“This is going on and on and on…when will this end?” Is that the echo of my patients, friends and families voices or is it my own voice? Who knew we’d be here today when this all started like a tsunami in March of this year? One of my colleagues, describing her emotional turmoil during the last 10 months, coined the phrase, “Roller-Covid”, liking the experience to an amusement park ride that scares the living daylights out of you.

We were taken by storm. An overabundance of “news” with little science at the ready. We were caught unprepared for what was to ensue despite watching our European neighbors struggle through it in Italy. Then, when the fear settled and we had made our decisions about our family, our patients, our protocols and practice guidelines, my hope is that you recognized that the level of patient care was going to shift into high gear as stress levels escalated and the experience of daily trauma, toxin and thought would increase the demand for what you, as their chiropractor, could offer your patients when you were ready, while keeping yourself, your staff and your patients, safe, healthy and educated.

And then, I hope you began to feel the spark of creativity in your life and in your practice.

Maybe you decided to spend more time with your children who were now facing virtual school, cut off from their comrades, their regular social, religious, cultural and athletic activities and the one-on-one interaction so necessary between students and teachers. Perhaps you put your time into filling this gap for your children and taking this time to build stronger family bonds and to help them understand how to face challenges in their young lives.

Perhaps you began blogging or sending newsletters to your patients with a wealth of information on positive thoughts, self-care, breathing, good nutrition and getting outdoors and exercising. Maybe you texted daily with patients who you knew were shut in and in need of connection. Maybe you created a regular podcast to reach an audience who had the time to listen and so needed the ongoing support you could provide them in these uncertain times.

Perhaps, in addition to your office hours, you began scheduling Telehealth visits with patients whose level of caution prevented them from coming to your office but who still wanted the benefit of your wisdom about so many questions they have as their children grow and develop.

And some of you turned to the pen (or the iPad or computer). This issue includes a few opinion articles written by individuals to support the field practitioner exploring topics often brought to our attention during our patient encounters or to broaden our horizons with useful information to share with parents either in office or on- line to support their own musculoskeletal health with proper ergonomics or their children’s safety and normal development.

My wish for you in this coming year is to be surrounded in love, a return of resilience, that you may enjoy a revitalization of your life, your passion for chiropractic and strength in your convictions. May you all be blessed in this coming new year as you continue to dream and achieve and live life to the fullest. May we never forget to be filled with gratitude for this life and this gift that we have been given.

When this has gone on long enough, we will see that we have been malleable enough to find our equilibrium again and continue to provide the essential health care that our patients have come to expect and rely on - chiropractic!

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