Edits and Correction for Re-publication 3/13/2023

Dorough A. Vallone S. Differentiating the impact of biomechanical forces of labor and delivery vs. the effect of a posterior tongue tie on neonatal and infant feeding dysfunction: a clinical evaluation

1. RE: Figure 1, pg 1895: “Pop-off: indicates how much (sic) pounds-force….of the fetus”. The figure cited for pop-off was 70 pounds of force. The correct value is cited to be between 30-46 pounds force for the vacuum device to pop-off. (29 – Obrien)

2. Incorrect language describing the tethering of oral tissues. The word “fascial” should replace the word ligament on Pg 1897, 2nd column, 3rd paragraph: “A biomechanical injury to the head and neck should not be confused with a “posterior tongue tie” or any other anatomical restriction of the oral structures by (ligamentousfascial) structure (20,26,53,54,55,56).